F5 DVD 2-pack


Order F5: Eye of the Storm, and the sequel, F5: Buried in Snows And save!

F5: Eye of the Storm

Join Tony Vandemore, Ira & Aaron McCauley, Ben Fujan and the Habitat Flats crew as the world of snow goose hunting is redefined yet again. Loaded with massive rainouts and non-stop decoying action, Vandemore and crew take you into the heart of a thrilling season under tornados of raucous snow geese. Action-packed and informative, learn tips and strategies employed by Habitat Flats that keep them at the top of the snow goose game.

F5: Buried in Snows

Tony Vandemore and crew storm the industry with the most acclaimed snow goose documentary of our time. Destruction and devastation symbolize two of the most powerful forces Mother Nature has to offer. While one is spinning out of thundering clouds, the other spins out of a massive flock of snow geese numbers reaching into the tens of thousands with a deafening, thunderous roar. Although not much can be done to contain the devastating effects of a mezzo cyclone the Habitat Flats crew have taken their 2009 conservation order seriously to do their part in effectively managing the snow goose population.