Fuel the Fire 3-pack


Order Fuel the Fire, Fuel the Fire: Up Close and Personal, and Fuel the Fire: The Farm And save!

Fuel the Fire:
In Habitat Flats' premier duck hunting film, the famous "duck hunting mecca" of the Midwest is brought to the big screen. Tony Vandemore, Ira & Aaron McCauley and crew astound audiences with staggering numbers of greenheads...and unparalleled sweat equity in the off-season. Everyone wants the perfect "Duck Hole". Habitat Flats shows you the secrets they use to manage hundreds of acres of habitat and food sources for ducks and geese. You will get tips on managing corn, wild moist soil plants, building blinds and placement, pressure management and keeping holes open during freeze up.

Fuel the Fire: Up Close and Personal:
At Habitat Flats, all who set foot upon this intensely managed duck hunting mecca are consumed by the fire of waterfowling desire. Vision, sweat equity and the committed support of friends and family have created their unprecedented industry leadership…continuing a long heritage of passionate conservation. Join Tony Vandemore, Ira & Aaron McCauley and Ben Fujan as they draw you closer to the flame in this entrancing sequel to Fuel the Fire.

Fuel the Fire: The Farm:
Tony Vandemore, Ira & Aaron McCauley and Dan Daugherity invite you back to “The Farm” of Habitat Flats. With the most abundant waterfowling opportunities in North America, each thrilling hunt takes you on a different tour of the internationally recognized Habitat Flats farms. Audiences everywhere can relate to the theme of this "Fuel the Fire" finale: the waterfowler's most loved hunting spot. Across the many farms comprising Habitat Flats, the old favorites are plentiful! From flooded corn, moist soil marshes and renowned timber holes, the HF crew throws you into blinds of all varieties and habitats. And while the farms' hunting spots may widely differ... the famed view always remains the same: GREEN.